Monday, December 26, 2011

Articles of interest to moi (2011)

We never learn, do we?
Screwed up priorities
Taking the good with the bad
The icon that is Eddie
Even better
Well said
Jungle fever
SPDC's messy asset sale
Skip the entire article and go to the last paragraph. The Theron man, the Theron!
A decade after September 11th
PIB ineffectiveness
Same ol' Delta
Space 1999
What came first: the egg, the chicken, or the CBN?
$900 prayer
Here we go again...
Playing politics with Nigeria electricity
This would be funny if Charlie Sheen didn't require help....who am I kidding, it's uber funny!!!
No wonder the Nigerian leadership don't wanna sign the FOI bill
Need to read Uncle Tom's Cabin so I can finally get an idea of the term
This guy sucks so much he'd be a vacuum cleaner
Tiger blood baby!!!
Bill tells it like it is. NFL owners must be related to Nigerian politicians
And u plan to curb vote rigging?!
Historical Jesus?
Science explains all
All sorts of people, huh? Nothing surprises me anymore when it comes to Nigerian leadership
No bling for our new hero
Yup, it's definitely spreading
Smackdown beeeaaatttch!!
Told ya Nigerians are everywhere!
Uh oh
But I love the hoo
It's spreading....
Certainly no relation of Peter Parker
Teach urself
Ghana, the choice is urs
I am questioning the same as well..
National cake
Privitisation in Nigeria
No place like Warri
US gun laws

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