Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Articles of interest to moi (2010)

The Cancun accord
Africa and carbon credits
Education reform
That's the spirit!
Kenya's carbon exchange
Western Sahara struggle
NNPC's sad tale
Uganda's legerdemain
Nigeria Oil and Gas report
Whatever drugs Jonathan is on he'd seek help now. Punk ass punk. While we at it let's ban the National Assembly for being venal fools, the presidency for doing nada for Nigerians, PHCN for...dare I go on?
'Stupid' terrorist. Always listen to mama.
Talk about taking the piss. They should hide their head in shame.
Chickens coming home to roost
Oil sands to the rescue? Not!
Make of this what u will
This is what African Unity is supposed to be about
Nigerian youth have had it up to here...and then some
Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it's SuperBlackman
Oh the driver's to blame? And the money y'all have been stealing ain't vile behaviour? F&@k u all
Stealing from the mouths of the poor? Proverbs 6:30! What's ur excuse?
Joe Gravity's new enterprise!
Time to review this
Nigerian Bush-Blair protest
PIB again
Yup, they never learn
USA's Special Designated Nationals list
When are African leaders gonna get it?
Myron Rolle: A Study In Tenacity
Congrats to Bayo Ogunlesi
Keeping companies honest?
What's ur name?
Oops, seems Uganda's primed to repeat Nigeria's mistakes
Oil impact warning
Subsidize This!
God bless Tony Dungy
Bloody, venal bastards
Thought I had seen everything, apparently I was wrong
When even Russians are opposing u for ur acts of repression, u know u doing something really wrong
Fal, fal, fal, false!
Anyone got spare cash to cop Oando shares?
Would the real Obasanjo please stand up
Ojo Maduekwe making a sure arse of himself some more with his full BBC interview
Ojo Maduekwe making a sure arse of himself
Jos crisis...again!
U gotta love Rick Reilly

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