Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Articles of interest to moi (2004 - 2009)

Shoes, shoes everywhere
Electrical Robin Hood
Secrets of innovation
A few home truths
From China with love?
Pornography? Really?!!!! Punks.
PIB article: A bit biased I felt. Ur opinions?
Any brave souls out there wanna help me do the same in Nigeria?
Warri no dey carry last
World Challenge 2009
Yup, still as confusing as ever
U've seen the Crocodile Hunter now meet his darker, long lost cousin
What a loss to Nigeria!
Still loving ur cellphone?
Those who refuse to learn Nigeria's mistakes are bound to repeat them. It was fun knowing you Uganda. Call me when u can
Revolution 101
In case u wanna plunge deep into oil
Yup, dude's still clueless. U gotta wonder if he's not a marionette
Yar'Adua never seems to learn, does he?
Dickipedia: Rumsfeld
A question of leadership in Africa
Dickipedia: Khamenei
Voodoo and politics in Ogun state
Nigeria's N word
Subsidize this!
What can Obama do for u?
No wonder senators lounge big time
Ooh ooh can I play too? Hee hee. Wish we'd place them in a house a la Big Brother and take bets on who'll crack first
Fo shizzy my nizzy
Still no one's being held accountable
Sad, innit?
Akure 27. A damn shame
Neda (Agha Soltan) means divine calling
Big men never die...apparently
And I thought our nicknames in boarding school were bad
What a way to evangelize
Internationally black
Is this dude for real?
Well said
Gas flaring in Nigeria
I actually loved 'I'm Outstanding' back in the 90s. Sounds crap now though
U gotta love Carter. God bless him
Hmmm, another World Bank loan. Does anyone know if our foreign reserves are still intact?
Blah blah blah blah. Dunno whether I'd be surprised it's his 1st ever press conference at the State House in 2 years or that he's setting up yet another committee. One word, two syllables: RESIGN
It just beggars belief, don't it? F%$k them all
Ha. Dude says he can wait a year
I've said it once and I'll say it again: Iwu is a joke
True dat
World's largest companies
Chris Rock was prescient, no?
Satire in SA
OBJ on HARDtalk. If Stephen was a Nigerian journalist OBJ mighta slapped him. Ha!
Of course it's not torture.....NOT
It's about time we had a serious debate
The National Assembly doesn't have the time to release the report of the power probe or prod the president to sign the FOI bill, yet they have time for this. Punks
Go to work...Go to work
Worthwhile concept
Good on them
More on Sudan
Now u know where all the policemen are...
U can run but u cannot hide. Who's next?
Quintessentially British. Bet he had a cup of teas as well
When is enough enough?
Bloody jokers
Well worth a read
Yup, y'all are old fogies
A bitter pill for the Nigerian financial market
Typical, innit? Must say Soludo does appear increasingly clueless about the goings-on in the Nigerian economy
Go on, tell me this doesn't touch ur heart
India Climate Solutions
Things white people like Tunde like
There once was an old lady who lived in a shoe...
U must be kidding me...
This story made my year...and we still in January!
Rudderless ship
The Dark Night
Ain't we a wee tired of Yar's constant about-turns? It was cute initially now it's just sad
Hotter than hell apparently
Bravo Gani. Hey, is anybody else tempted to throw shoes at Yar'Adua to see if he's got Bush-like reflexes? No one? Er, me neither
If this dude was Nigerian he'd probably be saved by the 'immunity clause'; then he'd a Thanksgiving in church blessing God for not allowing his 'enemies' succeed
Naija Gas Plan
Oh man, when will this end?
No wonder my cellphone reception is abysmal...or so the telecoms companies want me to think
A pun-ny fashion designer
Nookie without the bitter afterguilt
Yup, Yar'Adua remains a punk
Let's end the hypocrisy
Time we had a continent-wide discussion about this. Guess Gadaffi's right about most African leaders being shameless to go around begging for aid
Is this dude a lousy captain or is he a lousy captain?
Seen the movie Problem Child? Here's the real life version
Keeping our venal past rulers in check
Gay indeed? She's lying just to get media attention on her. I'd know, I oncedated her
Seems Yar'Adua's Rule Of Law only applies to corrupt former governors
So we don't forget
Ha, family bereavement? What a lame excuse
The antimetabole
Where does one even begin? Oh my
I'd normally be clamouring for names of the guilty to be made public, but since nada happened with the Siemens scandal who'd I be kidding?
Making money without being evil
Today we are all Dunlop employees
Nobody knows anything mic night this is not
The power of hindsight. U gotta love Jon Stewart
This is another debate we need to have in Nigeria
This is a debate we need to have
Paging Prof Maurice Iwu! Paging Prof Maurice Iwu!
The Manchurian president?
Could the max 4 wife thang be a man-made law like Catholic priests' celibacy? After all a Muslim friend told me the prophet Mohammed had 9 wives
Awww, poor senators wanted to watch the convention? They'da stayed in Nigeria and watched CNN
I want my pounds sterling!
Nigerians for Obama my blistered right arse cheek
An objective study
One of the good guys
Who's a scaredy cat now?
The air up there
Blind leading the blind
This is 2008 and people still believe this ish?
My dad's bigger than yours
If I had any hair left I'da pulled it out by now
Dontcha love freedom of speech?
The tears of a thug when the whole world's around
Yada Yada Yar'Adua
Summit or dialogue? Na im oyinbo dey call semantics
Helping to fight malaria
Secrecy in Lagos State
Idea Builders
Eko o ni baje
8th point on the agenda?
We can only hope
End the traffic
Bravo. End the friggin' hypocrisy
And the debate goes on...
7 point agenda my cute backside
An artiste's expression
Point Carbon
A fellow Bradfordian Chemical Engineer
Truer words have never been written
Yet more saddening news from the polity
There goes the West again, accusing our, ahem, African heroes of foul behaviour
Awww, Shaq needs a hug
RIP George Carlin II
RIP George Carlin
First dibs on the car
Peace summit? It'd be funny if it wasn't so serious. Venal bastard rulers
Is mad Mugabe gonna blame this on the West as well?
From the country that brought u Pokemon
Perot's charts
Just so y'all know
Maybe green TV's not a good idea
Code of silence concerning Mugabe
The land is Green, it's Green, so Green
Who needs Superman when u got Stephen Colbert?
Dangerous accusations
Kudos to an indigenous company
The lie shall keep u trapped. The venal punks!
Maryam Abacha should hide her head in shame
Nigeria Ministerial scorecard
I wanna pee on u. hee hee. My guilty pleasure. Too funny to believe it's real
Always loved Rick Reilly. Such a gifted writer
Oh to be a mate of Sharon Stone
No more wishful thinking
Boo hoo...I don't have a handover note so I can't do my job. Another dividend of democracy? Lying
Dividends of if
$4 gas? Who cares, when u can own ur own gun
Black people, when we gonna learn?
Is Turaki the latest brand of vacuum cleaners? Man, Dyson has nada on this guy
For your consideration
What do y'all think?
God bless Dwayne
Watch and pray peeps, watch and pray
Exercise in futility
Hey, I am just a messenger
Psst, don't tell the voters
OBJ's travails
The Reverend is back!!!
Rapid peanut sheller. It's the simplest ideas, innit?
C'mon, this cannot go on! "So Billy, what do u wanna be when u grow up?" A kidnapper, they make all the money
Which way Nigeria?
One man's conviction
As if the T5 debacle wasn't enough
Genesis of Rob's anger. That don't excuse him for messing up Zimbabwe though
Somewhere Maurice Iwu's cursing his luck
Awww, not such a (Barrister) Smooth court judgment, was it?, I kill myself
I once dated this chick I couldn't stand 'cos she promised me free meals. Now I know why
Mess in the power sector
Carbon sequestration
Pant suits on fire
Surely we can afford to do without one or two cheap pants?
What we doing to encourage folk of similar ilk?
Beauty of the N word?
I know it ain't supposed to be funny, but there sure are websites for everything
It's official: I am in love with the Sports Gal. I don't mind, I'll take care of her two kids and all
When the wind shall blow the yansh of the looters shall be opened
Solutions to the Nigeria Police problem
Dude's been swimming in that great Egyptian river again
Yup, venal punks
Who says with old age comes wisdom? Venal punks!
Sound venture
Am I the only one without a pipeline?
A drowning man will clutch at anything
Origins of Mann
Go Obama!
Another reason why Hill's losing my support
Dude should be on MTV Cribs. 'And over here I got my own oil pipeline...'
In case u don't wanna damage ur manicured nails
Don't move to France
I don't drink coffee anyways
Increase the fines I say
One small step for man, one giant leap for Lagos traffic
Ur time will come sir, ur time will come
And u don't even have to water them
Yet more talk. When will our president actually do something?
Again, more talk. How's one gonna verify complaints of those affected by adulterated PMS? Maybe this'd make the refineries work. The punks
I bet the folks at ILM would be well impressed
Oops, I'd better hide my mini skirt and black pumps
Reparations for blacks?
Pls, pls scroll down to the comments section
Any comments on Juicycampus?
For those of us who can't be there in person
Vote the Sports Guy. Yes, we can!
Derrick the Obama supporter is da man
Hell hath no fury...
Pics of Obama by Scout Tufankjian. Excellent, excellent site
Stories like these make blogging worthwhile
U gotta love Ralph; the old curmudgeon sure tells it like it is
Yup, officially jaded
Ouch. Guess Ashton Kutcher should avoid Morocco
No wonder folk get jaded with politics
Prof Iwu, Prof Iwu, Prof Iwu. How many times I call ya name?
May u live in interesting times...
U know u a crap player when a fan of ur team creates a website to track ur inconsistences. I'da done this for Yakubu of the Nigeria football team
High impact philantropy
Wanna build an amusement park in my back yard?
Lol...heard they held onto his salary so he'd have to quit and they wouldn't pay him compensation if he was fired
Yup, they re-re-reversed it
Serves Mushy right. Let's see him lock up the judiciary now
It's getting dicey in Democrat country
Give this administration 2 weeks, they'll probably re-reverse their decision
Only in Nigeria
Is gay bashing still necessary? C'mon
Dude took the words outta my mouth. Send Eboue out on loan or sell the punk off
Wanna chat with the Delta State governor? Go right ahead
U can't eat ur breakfast and have it. Geddit? Geddit?
Unsung hero?
'Google Earth' for Carbon monitoring
I want to ride my bicycle, I want to ride it well
McCain's daughter's blog. She's a hottie just like her mom
Bravo to Rudd
3 sides to every story
What's it all about?
Yup, drastic help is required
Coming to a store near u: The Pornstar Workout Plan
The Wonder Years starring Mitt Romney
A take on Naija from an oyibo woman's perspective. makes u wonder, don't it?
A take on Naija from an oyibo man's perspective. Quite enlightening
Obama song
It's my money and I can cry if I want to..
Anyone wanna buy a Hoover?
Promises, promises
Europe energy efficient policies
These guys are scum
With every week comes a new revelation about OBJ
Police Equipment Fund
Bravo, Bravo. Orji Uzor Kalu shown for who he is
See the way them chairs be moving around?
And what took them so long?
This is worse than Big Brother; Big Father, maybe? Every hotel in the FCT is situated within residential areas!
And this is for the (environmental) geek in u....
Go Intel!
State of Nigerian footie...state of Nigeria as a whole
Media neglect in Kenya crisis?
Trust Sports Guy to put it in perspective. I stayed up 'til 4am to see Belichick get stuffed. Good times good times
Yeah, another one for those who can read
Top Grift
Don't cry for me New Hampshire
The surge is working, the surge is working
I'd never do this. I love me too much candy
Read and weep. Um, if u can read that is
Time and Tunde: Great minds
Action required
Bring them on
Lady maintains she did nada wrong by using an alias. Tsh tsh tsh
A change needs to come
Finally, an objective opinion
Deserves applause
"Free Mike Vick"? Dumb punk
U've heard of R.Kelly. Now ladies and gentlemen I give you R.Mugabe
Truth hurts
I know my heart will go on and and on, but what about urs?
Huge cojones or closet voyeur
Time to set up a power company
Lol..apparently everyone's an electrician in Nigeria
Dude's a hero
Dave threatened by Dane? Tsh tsh tsh
Shell Nigeria shakeup
Can this dude suck up or what?
Positives of globalization
LMAO. Should we be glad that 419's pervaded into cartoon movies?
It's about time we took a stand
The clock's ticking
Why does Iwu still have a job?
The Mo Ibrahim prize
The first idea isn't necessarily the best one
Finally, some sense
The Sports Guy is my hero yet again! I do the same thing with my nephews, only I enjoy the ice-cream as much as they do
My bank is bigger than yours
This guy is either the smoothest talker there is or his wife's the first natural-blonde Asian
Who would be a Kop?
Magnolia paste, anyone?
Ain't it a shame we still talking about this?
Is privitisation the panacea to all our ills?
INEC responds
Wouldn't these emblems be ace on a F1 car?
The NOPEC bill? Quite an original name actually
It's at times like these I wish I'd draw. Quite funny
AIDS is still a stigma
What do u call an honest politician? As if.
Interesting take on Nigeria's national planning, or failure thereof
Nigerian Local Content Policy
Who is fooling who?
God's 1/4-back
For all his laudable efforts he messed up in the end
$100? Just a matter of time
Lame duck...geddit?
Keeping fingers crossed
The slammer baby
Wait a minute, where did I keep those NYSC camp pics?
Guzzle guzzle
Payback's a b%$ch
The world as a global village
Colbert for president
Brotherly love?
EFCC case against Ibori
This could be the opportunity to get my show on air
The Adedibu menace
Maurice Iwu's nadir
Blah blah blah
Budget 2008
For he's a Jolly good thief
Yup, a procrastination tool for me as well
Dontcha just love elections?
Don't cry for me Argentina
Ouch. Hitting 'em where it hurts
Do sanctions work?
Kaching $$$$$
Looter accuses one of looting his loot
If u a fan of JCVD look away now
...and u thought they only made good watches, army knives, and ace chocolates
He gives, He takes
Dah dah dah, another one bites the dust
It had to take someone's death, huh?
Can u hear the posse circling?
Dude still expects us to have patience?
Ex parte baby
Ahmadinejad's speech at Columbia University
The black QB debate
If u don't like the NFL ignore most of the article just read section on San Fran...Seems Sports Guy's Ewing Theory actually works
Che as a brand
"I am a big bad general and I wanna eat my cake and have it". Don't these guys ever know when to quit?
Toughest sell ever
And to think I had a HUGE crush on her. Wonder what the PTI guys are gonna make of this
Black Google
Madam Speaker's mom speaks out
Just in case u were thinking of emigrating
Inner workings of a Sharia court
At least he doesn't have to jump bail like his erstwhile colleagues
Chickens coming home to roost
What's the difference between us? We can start at the ....
Now this is worth publicizing
After all said and done are the governors gonna be prosecuted?
More on NNNPC
U can run but u can't hide
Madam Speaker's side of the story
More points of view on oil
Just to get the debate going
Jena 6
Uh oh, they coming to blows now
Body massage machines? I prefer a masseuse meself
So this is what I gotta do to get on TV?
Changes at NNPC
Pray for this dude. Needs all the help he can get
Merchant Of Death
From Russia with (more than) love
Mr. Bale is da man
Enough already!
I am sure that woulda knocked the bubble gum outta his mouth
Na na na na na (*with tongue sticking out*)
In case y'all wanna tell ur kids
So soon?
I feel Kenny, now just need a singing voice and I'll be made
So that's how they won those Superbowls
OPEC cares
U gotta love Kanye
Reckon dude's been on Atkins diet?
It's not u, it's me
U gotta love these guys
Where's Lord Lugard when u need him?
More tales from Oyo
I suppose he's extremely busy
More back and forth
About time
Guess I left at the right time
A change?
After just a few months in office this happens. Sad
I still wanna see his six-pack though
Friends, huh?
So this is what awaits Angelina and moi?
More info on new Naira policy
Can u imagine Nigerians spraying, nay stoning, folk with coins at parties?
Let the oil flow
Gotta admire dude for how much press he generates
Kudos to a Nigerian company
The AG explains his point
Just in case u are counting...
A shame really
How long we gonna go on like this?
Servant leader needs to be watchful
Yet another abduction
Didn't this dude used to be a teacher? Man, wanna tell me no Nigerian politician leaves office the way he came in?
Another result of militancy
Tokyo, Auxiliary, Conscience? Who gave these dudes get their nom de plumes? Lol..they sound like characters from a bad Nollywood movie
I officially have a man crush on Yar'Adua
It's not getting any better
A damn shame
Balls of steel
It's long overdue
It's an apology how hard can it be?
Now that's sticking it to them
School fees? Friggin' school fees? I've heard everything
Guess I'll be keeping my clothes on
Remember him?
Yup,more arrests
Time to wash those dirty linen bruv
More hankies are needed
Worth considering?
Anyone have a hanky?
An international game of chicken. Who's gonna back down first?
A Black convicted
What, no mention of my tshirt company?
Lol...has it come to this? Electroshock therapy?
Ministerial screening
The wheels come fallin' off
So Clinton feels his case is different? Bollocks
Seems we recycling the same ol' tired politicians again
Pray for their safe return
Say hello to my mentor
Uh oh
Now he talks. Yawn.
How come no one's throing money at me?
If u gonna be a playa stay outta Chitown
A disturbing trend
O O Obama
Always knew we'd top some charts
I am currently worth slightly less
This is ur ruling party Nigerians. Yes, u can weep now
Thierry Henry deserves to be treated this way
Now if I'd get this sorta support from ex-girlfriends I'd be made
The bitter truth?
Argument for end of fuel subsidy
Asari speaks from his heart
Servant leader my arse
End of an era
Ivorian payout
These guys never cease to disappoint, huh?
It's called Petro-power
Social entrepreneurs
This revolution will be televised...and blogged about.
Emergency! Emergency! Here we go again. Don't lay all blame on pre-OBJ era when y'all had 8 years to make a change. Excuses exshmuzzes
Life in the public eye. She'd better thank her stars she doesn't live in the UK
Now that Chirac's gone accountability starts. Marvelous
How come I never heard about this?
That's the way to stick to ur guns!
Uh oh. Not this again. Let's hope they learn from mistakes of others
Tough on crime. Tough on the causes of crime
Bloody punks need more time to consider Labour demands? Punk ass punks. Labour had better not fold this time around.
Free at last, free at last? Gulp.
Thank the good Lord. There's hope for Nigeria 2
Thank the good Lord. There's hope for Nigeria 1
Reckon I look a li'l like Jon Voight?
My hero
This is Lagos beeaaattch!
Chimamanda's the ish. Er, reckon she's dating anyone? Ha.
Congressman Jefferson's tale of woe
Another angle of Nigerian politics
Google needs to activate this in Nigeria, especially police checkpoints and in traffic
Uh oh
I wanna piss on u
Some logistics problems?! More like major, dude. Iwu had time to get things sorted but goofed. Shame. Shame.
Woah. Even greater hope, let's see the govt deny this one
This gives me even more hope
This gives me hope
It's about time the opposition got their act together? Does that mean there's no public hols? Lol.
Expose on Kwara State.....need one on other states in Nigeria, esp Abia, Edo
Now this could work in Nigeria
Mugabe again
God bless Nnamani
Can u believe the ludicrous provision in the elctoral act actually existed?
Worth comparing
Yup, shame, shame
Heart of Africa project
Upstream investment
A worthy cause
One more from uncle Ben Stein
Re-entry into Ogoniland
More financial advice from dude who has a clue
Nigerian gas policy
Yippee, dude's found time from messing with his V.P. to commission stuff
Financial advice from Ben Stein
Blog that blew me away. Awesome
Obama baby
Yup, they still angry
20 yr Gas Purchase deal
Excuses, exsmooses..
CO2 emissions cut in cars
Ready for more excuses about dire fuel situation in the country?
Man, dude sure is angry
See, Soyinka couldn't register to vote as well.I think they disenfranchising geniuses like us
".......he loves politics and I just love politics."
Oh to write like the Sports Guy.
Chris Kattan engaged to a supermodel?!
Budget 2007
Let the mud slinging begin
Lol...Sharon's "lopsided breasts"
U call this a way to live? Meanwhile the punk ass President and VP are at each other's throats.
More political machinations
Stunning blogger
My hero....sometimes I also feel White & Nerdy
What's wrong with us?
How's constructing megastations in Abuja gonna alleviate fuel scarcity in the rest of the country?
Just so u know
Dr. King's demise
Sad, ain't it?
Don't u just love it when 2 big kahunas fight? Lol...these guys are worse than teenage girls. Can't wait for OBJ's response.
Nigerian writer's blog. Yes, I know Ayeola Mabiaku and she's that good...
Wish I'd gotten wind of this earlier
Not again...
Wish I knew who she was
Another mate's getting hitched. Excellent, excellent wedding site. I hope when Angelina leaves Brad for me we'd have something similar.
Nigerian heroes
Trust FOX to show this
See why I love Sports Guy's writing?
U gotta love politics. These Americans are just as bad as Nigerians
Go Naija writers!
God bless Nuhu Ribadu II
God bless Nuhu Ribadu I on the 'Rules Of Modern Life' section
Just in case u don't believe Gen. Sonthi
I'd learn from this
Hear. Hear.
Mate's finance blog
Best Biz Ideas list
If u get any ideas from these I want my cut
A gorgeous mate's photoblog. Amazing.
When I grow up I wanna visit Vegas
She stole my idea. I knew I'da had those tattoos
Man, that's stuff
Sports Guy picks an EPL team. Hilarious.
Miguel has a blog! Miguel has a blog! Please post vile comments about the punk ass
Like I give 2
The Zeke effect
Democracy, huh?
LRA leader defends himself
Uh oh. I better not say nada about OBJ, screw him.
Blair promises new focus on Africa
Interview with Kenneth Kaunda
Jungle justice
Dontcha just love to be President
Sports Guy's YouTube favs
Hear. Hear. (Click The News - Nigerians Must Resist IBB)
Awww...dude shoulda been breastfed more as a kid
Another sad tale about Africa
Go Warren Buffett
Lol...turning the tables around
Sports Guy's column on NBA Finals
The Moustache Brothers
God bless Tony Dungy
Trust The Onion for reliable news on Nigeria
Another ex-colleague's blog....reckon dude's gay cos no man should write this much poetry. Ha.
A cute ex-colleague's blog...u'd see her baby pic
Kevin Sites in The Hot Zone. Hope this dude visits Nigeria soon
Transcript of Stephen Colbert's 'support' of Bush. Dude's a me
Stephen Colbert: my new white hero
A sound view on the Third Term
These guys have no shame. Punk ass punks.
Keeping it real/right
Consulting made simple
Africa's Third Reich gets a helping hand
Oooops...another African leader's principles bite the dust. Shame.
The Sports Guy reports from the NBA All-Star game
The Oscar nominations are out....guess Charlize Theron has more brains than I thot
Funny as heck....Bollywood comedy
My new hero
Soyinka speaks his mind
Ooops, hero in a spot of bother
My hero....for now, anyways
More Naija oil threats
Obasanjo and Yoruba politics
Pray for Nigeria's democracy
Funny ass Nigerian girl's blog
Ooops, here omes Black Hitler
Finally Bonga's kicked off
Status of Nigerian banks
Movies of 2005
Please pray for The Dungys
Got Breast Milk?
More Transcorp news
Liar, Liar, pants on fire
Man, I'd face this guy in a boxing ring. The punk.
Those calling for a 3rd term for Obasanjo should read this
Good Michael Redd
Phil Jackson and his issues
And u wonder why peeps are religious
Valerie Plame's husband defends actions
Stella Obasanjo controversies
The manifest of those in plane crash
Rosa Parks. God bless her soul
Commend Obasanjo and Nweke Jr.
How good is ur sight?
Al Shamshoon. Yep, The Simpsons for Arab TV
Open-source multiprotocol messenger
Hairy hat
Hilarious. My pimp name's Fadeproof Odeyemi Valentine
Go Daniel Craig
NNPC restructure
Give this Governor kudos
Self-esteem website
NNPC website
Pope na enjoyment, Imam na gbaladun...
This would go down a treat in Nigeria
The Police IG called this "a minor fracas". As if
Heaven Is So Real
Views of a dude on Uganda Stock Exchange
This is happening in Nigeria?! Who woulda guessed
Here's hoping he can spend his millions in jail. The bitch ass punk
He's a rare breed; God bless him
AfroAmerican celebs skewered
Yup, this is my country
Naija folk lamenting.....nice
Bet she wishes she was Kobe
Screw this list, I am aiming for the presidency
Shoo mosquito, don't bother me
Yeah, take the punk down
Deepwater oil blocks
U gotta love them Americans
Do peeps still fall for this?
New Bid Round
Editing blog
Talk about misplaced priorities
Filthy thieves
The police is ur friend....kinda
R.Kelly TP3 review
Let's guzzle up
FRN website
New Bradford Chancellor
New Nigerian Cabinet
Man, her pain's palpable
Mazrui's take on Nigeria
For all u conspiracy theorists out there
Paris Club3
Paris Club3
Paris Club2
Paris Club1
Man, this is serious
Wolfie doing his thang
In case y'all forgot about Sudan
National Energy Policy
Good ol' Saddam. Like Tyson, u can always count on him for a quote.
Killer Cow: u really cannot make this stuff up
Vagaries of the Confab
My dad's bigger than urs
Catch me if u can
Black Sambo
Guess Old Wolfie not so bad afterall
A positive start
Maybe we'd all send Mike a dollar
George W. SOLO
For some strange reason my name's been left out
We gotta get them to do some work somehow
U gotta hand it to Ted Turner
IMF Article IV Consultation
Watch out for Jeb
Deep Throat
Democracy? Nah, demonstration of craze
These are my confessions...
Nigeria Pension reform
Maybe he needs a brain transplant as well
Talk about fingering the suspect
Thank God he wasn't accepted
Mr. Galloway sticking it to them
Nice to know the times are achanging
Let the good oil flow..
Local crude refining
Keep the hope alive
Report on Nigerian economy for 1st Quarter
Me, racist? But I love black people
Positives from Nigeria
Hey, it's about time they stood up to the Presidency
Another Bosman?
Looking for a way to keep someone in jail? Stiff bail conditions
Paul Shirley's brilliant
Abacha loot
T.O. 3
T.O. 2
T.O. 1 - Maybe we'd change his name from Skip to Nostradamus
He's got a point
Kenyan politics
Italian footie
There's hope for Naija
Uh oh
Sudan aid. Let's hope this works out
This DeLay guy sure does know how to dig a hole for himself
Same ol' same ol'
PSC in Cameroun
Whose life is it anyway?
A different way of looking at the norm
Bush's favorite group
Letting POWs down
Brown for PM
Never Again
Guess the CPA is just as bad as the UN. What's that peeps say about folks in glass houses again?
Funny stuff. Kinda akin to Nigeria
These guys deserve a round of applause
Guess she won't be invited on FOX again. Click on '1. Fair and Balanced Inauguration'
Don't u just love politics
The fallout continues2: Tafa's response
The fallout continues1
Sad, but true
Jury from hell
Good on Obasanjo
Pure rhetoric?
One down, hopefully, more to go.
There's always hope.
Monsiuer Jordan, the pitches man.
A double-standard for Favre? Or maybe he's earned it.
More from The Sports Guy
Good on her
Maybe this will discourage other criminals
It takes a man to admit his failings. Bush, Obasanjo, etc. u listening?
More on pledges
Should be interesting to keep an eye on pledges
One side of the social security debate
Three cheers for Sen. Boxer
There's hope for democracy yet
This is the same guy who was recently found with thousands of pounds in his briefcase while on vacation. Let's hope he gets his just desserts
Swahili windows
Rice...and beans
Oil for food kickbacks
Don't waste ur money on a hair cut; just pull more out.
This should make u pull out ur hair. Luckily, I don't have any.
Thank God for the internet
Love thy neighbour?
Thankless task?
Quid pro quo
Steps must be taken to prevent this in future. Doubt it though
Thought stuff like this only happened in Nigeria.
A positive sign
Politics and debt. Pray for ur children
See what I mean
Crying wolf again?
This guy is good
An interesting blog from someone who's actually been to Fallujah
She says exactly what's in my heart in ways I could never articulate. God bless her
More conspiracies?
Well worth a peruse
Hitting the nail on the head
Sports Guy's 2004-2005 guide to the NBA Western Conference
Nothing being done yet
Salam Pax's blog
Salam Pax. Witty guy
Maybe it's time I ran for presidency of Nigeria and began my own war on terror.
Go Spitzer!
Uh oh.
Slim Shady expresses an overt opinion
Nice article. Please read what he says about the office of President
Oh really? No, O' deep doodle
U tell them, John
Be afriad, be very afraid
Much ado about Cheney's daughter
Final US presidential debate
There they go again
Oil prices
US VP debate transcript
Judicial watch
War on terror? As if
More lies
Lies, and the lying liars who tell them, aka the US VP debate
Jeb Bush's reply
What do u think?
Corruption's rampant and this is all they care about?!
Told y'all
Poor O'Reilly
Info on Middle East
This is democracy?!
About time
My chance to get that elusive Oscar?
Can u believe this?
Time to pony up. Here's hoping money goes to right places
The one and only
Shaq testifies at Kobe's trial
Barack Obama
Sports Guy3
Sports Guy2
Sports Guy1
An argument for capital punishment
Can u spell C-R-A-Z-Y?
Stick a fork in this turkey
Michael Moore
Nigerian soccer

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